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dr balwant singh Sekhon
Dr. Balwant Singh Sekhon( Retd.)
Professor Balwant Singh Sekhon has been a distinguished figure in the field of genetics with a strong academic background and extensive experience in academia and research. Born in the Punjab region of India, he has a devout Sikh background, which may have influenced his values and contributions to various organizations and academic institutions. His tenure as a professor at UW–Madison Medical School coupled with his experience at Jackson State University in Mississippi, USA, has equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His educational qualifications, including a Ph.D. and M.Sc. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, highlight his academic prowess. Professor Sekhon's contributions to academia, research, and educational development have been significant. His expertise in genetics is complemented by his dedication to advancing education through innovative teaching methodologies, impactful research endeavors, and administrative leadership roles. As an Advisory Board Member - Education, of the Kalgidhar Trust, Professor Sekhon's experience is invaluable. His strategic insights and guidance aid in shaping the organization's mission and vision. His involvement in formulating and implementing policies aligns with the trust's objectives, contributing to overall development and progress.
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Dr Manmohan Singh Atwal
Dr.Manmohan Singh Atwal
Dr. Manmohan Singh Atwal, a distinguished academician and researcher with nearly four decades of experience in education and research, primarily in the United States, is widely acclaimed for his expertise, leadership, and dedication to academic excellence. As the Founder and Vice Chancellor of Eternal University, he has been instrumental in shaping it into an esteemed center of educational brilliance. Dr. Atwal holds multiple advanced degrees - M.Sc. Bio-Chem, University of Illinois, Ph.D. (Medical Chemistry), MBA (Exec), Columbia University, USA, M.P.H. (Health Policy) from John Hopkins University, Former Dean, John Hopkins University, USA. His exceptional aptitude for scholarly research and academic innovation defined his educational journey. His career spans various high-ranking roles in academia and industry. Before returning to India, he held positions such as Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost and Professor of Public Health at Akamai University, USA, and Dean and Director General at the International University of Professional Studies, among others. He also has an entrepreneurial background, establishing and managing companies and serving on their boards. Dr. Atwal's global exposure has facilitated Eternal University in forming partnerships, exchange programs, and collaborations with prestigious institutions worldwide, enriching the academic experience for both students and faculty. He envisions Eternal University as a hub of innovation and academic brilliance, tirelessly driving excellence and transforming the institution into a beacon of knowledge. His leadership fosters a culture of academic rigor, innovation, and social responsibility, ensuring students receive a holistic education conducive to intellectual growth and societal contributions.
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Dr Gurbaksh S Gill
Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh Gill
Dr Gurbakhsh Singh Gill was a founding member of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh. He was a prominent figure in Punjab's agricultural landscape and was born on September 15th, 1927, in the village of Gill, Ludhiana, Punjab. Graduating with a Bachelor's in Science from Khalsa College, Amritsar, he pursued higher education in Agricultural Chemistry, earning an MS from Punjab University, Chandigarh, and a doctorate from Ohio State University in 1965 under the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship. Returning to India, Dr. Gill became an influential figure at PAU, Ludhiana, and later served as the Chief Scientist at ICAR-Central Institute in Hisar. His pivotal role in advancing agronomy, particularly in the Green Revolution, is widely acknowledged Beyond his scientific achievements, Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh's legacy extends to his dedication to Sikh religious education. Following retirement, he spent over twenty-five years conducting summer camps across North America and the UK, imparting Sikh history and principles. His simplistic yet profound teachings resonated with Sikh communities, reflected in the popularity of his books among Sikh youth and their incorporation into Gurdwara school curricula and speech competitions. Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh Gill passed away on August 19th, 2021, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of agricultural advancement and religious education, impacting numerous lives with his wisdom and integrity.
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Dr. Khem singh Gill
Dr. Khem Singh Gill is a globally acclaimed agricultural scientist renowned for his expertise, having attained his PhD from the University of California, USA. His pivotal contributions have led to the establishment of numerous research centers and laboratories, marking a significant impact in his field. Acknowledgment of his remarkable contributions comes through several prestigious awards, including the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India, the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai award, the ICAR team award, the FICCI award, and the esteemed recognition for triticale research by the USAID. His journey in spreading value-based education began in 1949 when he encountered revered Sant Teja Singh Ji. Since then, Dr. Khem Singh Gill has been actively involved in promoting education imbued with values in rural areas of North India. Presently, 130 Akal academies under his guidance function, offering high-quality education that seamlessly integrates spirituality.
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Dr. Davinder Singh Ji
President of The Kalgidhar Trust | Dedicated to Universal Brotherhood & Peace | Transforming Lives through Education, Healthcare, Community Development Programs and, Social Welfare | MBBS & MD in Internal Medicine | 35+ Years of Impactful Service | Transformative contributions bringing hope and positive changes Professional Summary: Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, is a lifelong volunteer driven by an unwavering commitment to spreading the divine message of universal brotherhood and eternal peace, inspired by the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. Drawing inspiration from spiritual luminaries - Sant Attar Singh Ji Maharaj Mastuana Sahib PB, Sant Teja Singh Ji M.A., Harvard University, and Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji (Retd. Director Agriculture), Destiny guided to humbly surrender self at the revered feet and in the company of the saint who dedicated a full 72 years of life to fashioning a serene and spiritually enriching environment for humanity. Additionally, serving as the Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh’s sole Women’s University- Eternal University and Akal University, Talwandi Sabo. Under his exceptional leadership, Kalgidhar Trust has established a wide network of innovative educational institutions, empowering generations of rural students with knowledge, skills, and values for a thriving future.
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Dr. Neelam Kaur
Volunteering at Baru Sahib for the last 30+ years in the field of Rural Education (School Education and Higher Education) in Northern India, and Medical services including Akal Charitable Hospital (ACH), De-addiction centers, Public health programs (Masters in Hospital Administration-MHA, and Akal College of Nursing) and Rural Women Empowerment, under the spiritual guidance of Revered Saint Baba Iqbal Singh Ji - Retd. Director Agriculture (Himachal Pradesh, Govt. of India). With Bachelor’s degree in Medicine( MBBS) and a Masters in Surgery( MS- Ophthalmology ), started volunteering, to begin with at Akal Charitable Hospital to render eye cum medical services in the remote and distant location of Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh, where medical services were non-existent and the community was disadvantaged in terms of accessibility, financial viability and bereft of basic education. She also serves as Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Eternal University, Himachal Pradesh’s sole Women’s University, operated by the trust at Baru Sahib. Additionally, she serves as a member of the governing board and management board of Akal University in Sabo Talwandi, District Bathinda, which is the trust’s second university.
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DR.Gurmail Singh Pic
Dr. Gurmail Singh
Dr. Gurmail Singh stands as an eminent academic luminary, revered for his profound expertise and invaluable contributions in the realm of academia. His remarkable dedication and scholarly prowess have garnered widespread recognition, culminating in his esteemed appointment as the inaugural Vice-Chancellor of Akal University. Dr. Singh's journey in academia is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to advancing knowledge. His illustrious career stands as a testament to his unwavering passion for fostering intellectual growth and scholarly endeavors. An individual of global repute, Dr. Singh maintains active involvement in various societies and academic circles worldwide, fostering collaborations and exchange of ideas among scholars and experts in the field. His remarkable achievements have earned him widespread recognition and admiration from esteemed peers and subject experts globally, solidifying his presence within the scientific community. Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Gurmail Singh has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, acknowledging his significant contributions to the scientific realm. His research interests primarily revolve around Agricultural Economics, Health Economics, and Development Economics, reflecting his commitment to addressing critical societal issues through rigorous academic inquiry and analysis. Dr. Singh's dedication, expertise, and influential contributions continue to shape and elevate the domain of economics, inspiring fellow researchers and students alike. As a trailblazer in his field, Dr. Gurmail Singh continues to inspire generations of scholars, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of higher education and academic leadership.
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