History – Akal


About 50–60 km from Solan, there was a village Baru spread over 400 Acres owned by one Thakur Joginder Singh. It was densely forested & had several springs. Under a huge walnut tree near a spring, sadhus would come & meditate from time to time. The Thakur would welcome them & offer them food.

One day, a wise old ascetic came and sat under the walnut tree and was soon lost in deep meditation (samādhi). When he opened his eyes, the Thakur offered him food. But the sadhu looked at him and said, “Joginder Singh, you will not stay here for long. This is Guru Nanak’s land. From the time of “Satya Yuga”, saints and sages have performed penance here. Even Guru Gobind Singh Ji visited this place & blessed it. A time shall come when Guru Nanak’s Sikhs gather here, meditate on the Divine Name, recite Gurbani; and spread the Divine Message throughout the world.”

The Thakur, thinking that the holy man had put a curse on him; took away the food in anger. After a few hours, when his anger had abated, he returned with the food at the prompting of his wife but found that the sadhu had disappeared.

Meanwhile, Sant Teja Singh ji had flourished a keen desire to discover the sacred spot. Around the same time, it so happened that the Thakur fell out with the village folk and decided to sell off his estate. News of this turn of events got through to Sant Ji by supernatural sources and he promptly sent a message to Bhai Iqbal Singh at Dhaula Kuan that a village Baru in Tehsil Sarahan of district. Nahan had been put up for sale. Bhai Iqbal Singh set off on foot for Baru 35 km away. On reaching the spot, he discovered that it had all the features prophesied earlier by Sant Ji.

Baba Iqbal Singh sent a letter to Sant Ji saying that the village Baru seemed to be exactly the place he had envisioned for setting up a spiritual center.

Sant Ji came down to Nahan from the village Cheema in Punjab and without visiting or negotiating the price, bought the entire 400 Acres of land at Baru in the year 1956

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