Research Methodology: A Transformative Workshop on 11th May 2023 – Akal

Research Methodology: A Transformative Workshop on 11th May 2023

Research Methodology: A Transformative Workshop on 11th May 2023

Akal College of Nursing, in collaboration with Eternal University and Texas Woman’s University, embarked on a transformative journey to empower nursing professionals and uphold excellence in healthcare. Through a workshop titled “Research & Ethics,” led by Dr. Donna Scott Tilley from Texas Woman’s University, this initiative aimed to equip 38 participants, including faculty members and M.Sc.(N) students, with essential skills and knowledge.

Dr. Tilley’s workshop highlighted the paramount role of research in advancing nursing, emphasizing its impact on patient outcomes and evidence-based practices. Ethical considerations in nursing research were a central focus, stressing the importance of maintaining integrity and trust throughout the research process. The workshop also provided a deep dive into research design and methodology, enabling participants to grasp various research approaches applicable to nursing. Practicality set this workshop apart, with Dr. Tilley fostering interactive discussions and hands-on activities, empowering attendees to apply research principles to real-world situations.

The impact of the “Research & Ethics” workshop was profound, equipping nursing professionals with the tools and knowledge to conduct ethical and impactful research. This knowledge will undoubtedly elevate nursing practices and promote evidence-based care while inspiring future research endeavors.

Furthermore, the success of this workshop series serves as a model for future collaborations among esteemed institutions in nursing education and research, reinforcing the Global Nursing Partnership’s commitment to advancing the nursing profession and fostering global connections.

The “Research & Ethics” workshop led by Dr. Donna Scott Tilley was a transformative experience, enriching participants and equipping them to conduct ethical and impactful nursing research. This collaboration exemplifies the power of partnership in advancing nursing education and healthcare excellence.