Career Counselling session in Akal Academy Bilga

Career Counselling session in Akal Academy Bilga

Feedback by  Viren Razdan-CIALFO

The session today went quite well as well. We had some great interactions and one on ones with the students of grade 11 and 12. And a session with grade 9th and 10th to talk about subject selection, how can cialfo help and the platform demo.

We faced a similar challenge with both schools today as well yesterday where there were students from different nearby academies listed on the platform under them. Because of this we missed on training those students. So we are talking about doing a virtual setup with the remaining students there along with anyone who was absent.

I have also trained the counselor (staff) Jagjodh and Bharat from the school and added them to the platform and told them what they need to do.

The next step is to ensure the students login to the platform so the respective schools would need to talk to the students about login details as most of the students were not aware about the school emails.

The next step in this is to ensure we get everyone to login and work on completing their profiles.

I have shared my contact info with them as well and would be assisting them in this entire process

Kindly also find the attached pictures for both events below.

I would request you to kindly set up a meeting with all Academy heads so we can discuss the plan of action and also address everyone on what is expected and what we would need from them to make this a mega success.